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Launch TMAJ

Launch TMAJ

Download TMAJ Application

Images and data from published papers can be viewed in the Images application. To view the images and data:
  1. Download TMAJ using the above link
  2. Download Java, and verify that java is in your path by opening a command prompt and typing java
  3. Unzip the file, and then click the file tmaj.bat (or opening a command prompt and type ./ if on a mac)
  4. After the main screen is displayed,  click the login button
  5. Enter the following login information and click the Okay button.
         username: guest
         password: guest
  6. Finally, click the Images button.

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TMAJ Manual
Installing Java/ Java Web Start
PowerPoint Presentation on TMAJ


A demo version is provided where anyone can view all the applications as an administrator.   To launch the demo application, click on the link below and enter the following login information:  
         Download Demo Application
    username: demo
    password: demo


TMAJ is open-source software and may be downloaded on for free. When downloaded, the tmaj zip file will include a copy of the source code, as well as instructions for installing a tmaj server.  Instructions for installing TMAJ are found in the manual.   TMAJ is made available under the GPL version 3 license.

Questions or Comments?  Please let us know.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 
Questions concerning the general operation of TMAJ may be directed to Helen Fedor, the lab manager:

Technical questions about TMAJ may be directed to TMAJ's main programmer, James Morgan:

External Links

Johns Hopkins TMA Laboratory
Published Papers in TMAJ (De Marzo Lab)


TMAJ is open-source software designed to support information and images related to tissue micro-arrays.  It contains support for multiple organ systems, multiple users, image analysis, and is designed to be compliant with HIPPA regulations.  TMAJ is made available by its copyright owner,  The Johns Hopkins University.  TMAJ was designed by the JHU Tissue MicroArray Core Facility and Vision Multimedia Technologies (VMT).

TMAJ is used and made available by the JHU Tissue MicroArray Core Facility
Copyright (C) 2002-2013 The Johns Hopkins University. All Rights Reserved.