Schema: Scored Images

The schema related to the ScoredImages table.  This part of the schema enables users to give their own scores to ArrayImages.
The Users Table represents anyone who can log on to TMAJ.  The Scans Table was described earlier; it represents a scan of an ArraySlide.  In this section, you can think of the Scans table as an ArraySlide.  The Sessions table represents 1 user scoring 1 arraySlide (scan).  In the TMAJ Images application, users double click on a session to open an ArraySlide and see their scores.  We finally arrive at the ScoredImages table, which is merely the combination of an ArrayImage and a Session.  The Shapes table is simply when a user draws a shape onto a scored image.

The images application.  Users create sessions by highlighting a scan (under an ArraySlide) and clicking the new button.  So the hierarchy shown here is Projects-> ArraySlides -> Scans -> Sessions.  The projects to arrayslides hierachy is explained elsewhere.  When a user double clicks on a session, the arraySlide opens up and they can make scores on the ArrayImages.

An ArraySlide opens up for a user to score when the user double clicks on a session.  Using multiple sessions, a user may score an ArraySlide several times. 

A ScoredImageID is generated for each ArrayImage the user scores.  The image shown represents an ArrayImage.  The scores above, plus the sessionID, make a ScoredImage.

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