Schema: Security Related Tables

All users who use TMAJ are put into the Users table, where they are given a username and password.

ArrayBuilder Application: Restricting User-Access To ArrayBlocks.

The Arraybuilder application allows users to design there own ArrayBlocks.  TMAJ enables an administrator to limit a user's access to certain arrayBlocks.

Schema relating to table UsersArrayBlocks.  The table UsersArrayBlocks associates UserIDs with ArrayBlockIDs.  This allows TMAJ to assign certain users to certain ArrayBlocks.

Image ManagerApplication: Restricting Access to Scans

Users are assigned to certain Projects.

In turn, ArraySlides are assigned to Projects. In fact, a project is defined as a collection of arraySlides.

Depending on what array-slides a user may access, it controls what scans a user may access, as well as what sessions a user may create.  Sessions are defined as a user scoring a scan.  Users can't create sessions for scans for which they don't have access.  (We know what ArraySlides a user may access because users are related to projects, and projects are related to array-slides.)

If a user is a group-admin and has access to the ArrayManager application, they can only see projects to which they have been assigned (This is done using the ProjectsArraySlides table.)  The ArraySlides that a user has access to is actually the union of the arraySlides in the ProjectsArrayslides table AND the array-slides that are from the array-blocks in the UsersArrayBlocks project.  (Remember that an ArrayBlock contains multiple ArraySlides.)

Specimens Application: Controlling Access To Specimens, Blocks, and TissueDiagnosis

The data input application allows users to enter and modify Specimens, Blocks, and TissueDiagnosis.
Whenever a user enters a new specimen, an entry is added to the UsersSpecimens table showing that that user has access to the specimen.  Alternatively, an admin may assign users to specimens as well.

UsersSpecimens table-related schema.  The table UsersSpecimens allows TMAJ to restrict user access to certain specimens.  Since Blocks are related to Specimens, and TissueDiagnosis to Blocks, the administrator also in-effect controls which Blocks and TissueDiagnosis a user can view.

Group Admins Support: The UsersUsers Table

The UsersUsers table was added to support group-admins.  Full admins have control over every user; however, group admins only control a subset of all the users.  Group Admins can only change user information for users they have been assigned.  Another admin can assign a group-admin new users (only users to which the assigning admin has access).  Also, whenever group admins add a new user, they automatically get assigned that user.  When a admin user is assigned another user, that means a record is added to the UsersUsers table, and that they will be able to control the security settings for that user.

The UsersUsers table.  This gives AdminUsers (group-admins) access to only a subset of the users in tmaj.

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