Prerequisites for Running a TMAJ Server

This document describes the tools you will need to run a TMAJ server. 
Note that a TMAJ client can be run from just about anywhere; all you need is the Java 6 Runtime Environment.

Array Slide Scanning Machine

You will need a way of getting a gif/jpeg image from each coordinate (spot) on an arraySlide. 
As long as you can get 1 individual image (a jpeg, gif, etc)  for each coordinate (spot) on an array-slide, you will be able to use TMAJ.
One couldn't just give TMAJ one massive image representing an entire ArraySlide with every coordinate on it; every spot must be its own image. 

Please click here for more details on array-slide scanning machines.


You must have a database up and running for TMAJ to store its information. 
MySQL is recommended, because it is open source and free. 
Currently TMAJ supports any of four databases:
MySQL is an open-source database and is available for free. 
We have tested TMAJ with the following versions:

Free Software Required

Server Suggestions


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* The JHU TMAJ database is the Sybase "Adaptive Server Anywhere" (ASA) database engine, which is part of the "SQL Anywhere Studio" software suite. 
This is NOT the same as Sybase "Adaptive Server Enterprise".   Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), also called "Sybase ASE" was formally called "Sybase SQL Server", but the name was changed to ASE after version 11.5 in 1995 to avoid confusion with Microsoft's product, Microsoft SQL Server).  ASE is the "true" Sybase database.  ASA is actually a product Sybase acquired when they bought a company called PowerBuilder. 

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