Schema: ArrayBlocks

This section describes the part of the database that deals with Array tables.
Be sure to read the how TMAs are created to better understand this section.

The Arrays section of the database is shown above.  Note that ArrayBlocks is the parent.  One ArrayBlock yields many ArraySlides.  (Remember an ArraySlide are 'cut' from ArrayBlocks.  Similarily, one ArraySlide could be scanned several times.  (Scans Table)  One reason one may wish to scan arraySlide twice is for different resolutions--the first time at a high resolution, and the second at a low resolution. 

Notice that ArrayBlocks also yield many ArrayCores.  Remember an arrayCore is a cylinder-shaped piece of tissue that was originally in a donor-block, but is now in the receipient (array) block.  A 20 by 20 array will have 400 arrayCores. 

The end child in this section is the arrayImage. The arrayImage an individual 'spot' on the ArraySlide.  A 20 x 20 array block will have 400 arrayImages.   Note the diagram shows how an arrayImage is comprised of an ArrayCore (which gives the X and Y of the image) and an ArraySlide (which gives the Z of the image.)

An image showing how TMAs are made.  Note the names in RED are the database tables in TMAJ.

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