Class StaticMetaData

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public final class StaticMetaData
extends java.lang.Object

Contains information about standard (non-dynamic) "Lookup" tables for an InputPanel. Lookup tables have only two columns, a primary key and a "name" key. For example, the BlockFixations table is a Lookup table for Blocks. The table BlockFixations has two columns: BlockFixationID and a BlockFixationName. The table Blocks has a column called BlockFixationID. If this class were being used for the Block InputPanel, the class would contain all the Lookup tables for table Blocks. Compare Standard Lookup tables used in this class to Dynamic Tables used in the DynamicMetaData class.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static StaticEnumeration beanToStaticEnumeration(JBean bean, java.lang.String columnName)
 StaticEnumeration getEnumeration(java.lang.String columnName, java.lang.Integer id)
          Translates an id retrieved from the database into a StaticEnumeration.
 java.util.List<StaticEnumeration> getEnumerations(java.lang.String columnName)
          Returns a List of StaticEnumerations for the column
 void insertBeans(CacheableBean cBean, java.lang.String columnName)
 void insertEnumerations(java.util.List<StaticEnumeration> staticEnumerationsList, java.lang.String columnName)
 void insertEnumerations(java.lang.String[] values, java.lang.String columnName)
 void insertLookupTable(LookupTable lookupTable, java.lang.String columnName)
 boolean isEnumerated(java.lang.String columnName)
          Returns true if the column is enumerated, false if it is "type-in"
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Constructor Detail


public StaticMetaData()
Method Detail


public java.util.List<StaticEnumeration> getEnumerations(java.lang.String columnName)
Returns a List of StaticEnumerations for the column


public boolean isEnumerated(java.lang.String columnName)
Returns true if the column is enumerated, false if it is "type-in"


public StaticEnumeration getEnumeration(java.lang.String columnName,
                                        java.lang.Integer id)
Translates an id retrieved from the database into a StaticEnumeration.


public void insertEnumerations(java.lang.String[] values,
                               java.lang.String columnName)


public void insertEnumerations(java.util.List<StaticEnumeration> staticEnumerationsList,
                               java.lang.String columnName)


public void insertBeans(CacheableBean cBean,
                        java.lang.String columnName)


public void insertLookupTable(LookupTable lookupTable,
                              java.lang.String columnName)


public static StaticEnumeration beanToStaticEnumeration(JBean bean,
                                                        java.lang.String columnName)