Package edu.jhu.tmaj.beans

Provides the bean classes, which generally represent a single table in the database.


Class Summary
AnimalExperimentBean Represents a record from the AnimalExperiments table.
ArrayBlockBean Represents an ArrayBlock, which is a block created from many donor-blocks.
ArrayCoreBean Represents the ArrayCores Table.
ArrayCoreReferenceBean This bean queries the Specimen, Block, and TissueDiagnosis tables so that ArrayBuilder can quickly lookup background information on any TissueDiagnosisID, which every ArrayCore contains.
ArraySlideBean Represents a cut of an ArrayBlock.
BlockBean Represents a donor (regular,non-array) block cut from a Specimen.
BlockOrSlideExchangeBean Represents a record from the AnimalExperiments table.
BlockUsageAltBean Represent a Usage (such as a Slide or Tube) of a regular block.
BlockUsageBean Represents tha BlockUsages Table.
BloodSampleBean Represents a Blood Sample.
BloodUsageBean Represents usages of the Blood Samples Table.
CellLineBean Represents the CellLines table.
CellLineExperimentBean Represents the CellLineExperiments table.
JBean Represents a database table that can be converted into a Swing JTable and edited.
MolecularSampleBean Represents a molecular sample obtained from either a blood, urine, block, or tissue sample.
MolecularUsageBean Represents the MolecularUsages table.
PaperBean Represents a Published Paper.
PatientBean Represents a record from the Patients Table.
ProjectBean Represents the Projects Table.
ProtocolBean Represents the Protocols table.
ScanBean Represents a Scan of an ArraySlide.
SessionBean Represents the Sessions Table.
SlideBean Represents the Slides table.
TissueSampleBean Represents a Tissue Sample used in Cleveland Clinic's Samples Application.
TissueUsageBean Represents a usage of a Tissue Sample.
UrineSampleBean Represents Urine Samples.
UrineUsageBean A table that represents usages of Urine Samples.
UserBean Represents the User table, which contains information such as username,password, and permissions of any person using TMAJ.
UserBeanLimited A subclass of the UserBean that only returns a subset of all the userBeans.

Enum Summary

Package edu.jhu.tmaj.beans Description

Provides the bean classes, which generally represent a single table in the database. JBeans contain SQL statements that allows their data to be written to the database. In addition, JBeans can interface with JTables that allow uses to edit their data.